Potent Voodoo

Voodoo Veve Talismans

Each of my talismans is inscribed with a voodoo symbol known as a Veve. Each Veve invokes a different Lwa or spirit. These spirits make powerful allies and each one has different specialties they can help you with, everything from love to protection.

My Talismans are all prepared, blessed, and imbued with the power of your chosen spirit personally by me in an Invocation Ritual. The Invocation Ritual usually takes a few days.

Please carefully read the description of each talisman below.

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Love Talisman

My Love Talisman bears the Veve symbol of Ezili Freda a powerful spirit whose influence includes love, passion, and all matters of the heart.

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Passionate Lust Talisman

A powerful talisman with the symbol of Ezili Dantor the Voodoo goddess of romance, art, sex and fierce passion. She creates beauty, sensuality, and fiery emotion in all that she touches.

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The Rainmaker Money Talisman

This Talisman bears the symbol and the spirit of Papa Simbi who has influence over rainfall and has also been known to make money fall upon the wearer like rain. He can also help the wearer foresee the future.

Only $70

Protection from Magic Talisman

This talisman invokes Maman Brigitte wife of Baron Samedi. She helps remove curses and illness caused by magic. She also protects against offensive magic attacks in all forms.

Only $70

Talisman of the Warrior

This talisman is inscribed with the veve symbol of the powerful warrior Ogou Feray. When conflict is in your future and unavoidable Ogou Feray at your side will help see to your triumph.

Only $70

Talisman of Protection and Wisdom

This is a very special talisman as it bears the veve symbol of Papa Damballah known as the Sky God and Creator. He brings intelligence, justice, and protection to all who seek him.

Only $70

Guardian of the Crossroads Talisman

This is the Talisman of Papa Legba. As Master of the Crossroads he controls access to the spirit world and communication with the other loa. He has the power to remove obstacles and provide opportunities.

Only $70

Talisman of Darkness

This is the symbol of Met Kalfou who controls the evil spirits of the dark. Respected by many and feared by all he can bring misfortune and destruction to your enemies.

Only $70


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