Potent Voodoo

Voodoo Spell Powders

All my Voodoo Spell powders are specially prepared and blessed by me and have many uses including helping increase and channel the energy of a spell, or even used on their own to bring about the desired effects in your daily life.

These powders can be used in many different ways, for example my Money Powder can be sprinkled in your wallet or rubbed into your hands before gambling. My Love Powder can be sprinkled into your bath before a date or in your doorway before your date comes over. What matters most is proximity to what you are trying to affect.

My spell powders are very strong, it only takes a small amount, use sparingly and never eat it or put it in food.

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Love Powder

Known the world over my Voodoo Love Powder is a potent mix of powerful herbs and other ingredients designed to make that special person in your life fall intensely in love with you.

My most popular powder - only $49

Lust Powder

For when you want to unleash that animal instinct and desire in someone and have that intense sexual encounter.

My most potent sexual powder - only $69

Money Powder

For bringing money into your life. My Money Powder will open the floodgates and let money finally flow to you.

My second most popular powder - only $49

Luck Powder

For bringing luck into all areas of your life.

Only $55

Gamblers Luck Powder

A special formulation of my luck powder just for gamblers. Will greatly improve your luck in all lotteries and games of chance.

My most potent luck powder - only $75

Banishment Powder

Great for removing unwanted persons and influences from your life. Also good for warding of curses.

Only $65

Wish Powder

If you can dream it my Wish Powder can help make it reality. Just rub a pinch of this powder in your hands while saying what it is you wish for out loud.

Only $89

Custom Powder

When one of my normal powder formulations is just not what you need I will mix, create, and bless a special Custom Voodoo Powder just for you to meet your unique situation and needs.

Only $99


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